Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A nice coat to replace my husband's hoodies

Guest post written by Maggie Holloway

I used to think that all the different colored hoodies that he practically lived in were so cute. But now that we've been married for a few years, I think it's time for him to get some better outerwear that's a little more age appropriate.

I've tried to convince him for a while now, but I told him that what I was getting him for Valentine's Day is a new coat. At first he argued, but I asked him to just let me buy him a coat. While I was online looking for the perfect coat, I found some information about some great satellitestarinternet.com/ that I really liked and showed them to him. Then we decided to order one of them for our household.

I picked out this amazing mens pea coat that I can't wait to get shipped to our house. It's going to be so great on him, I just hope he'll wear it like he promised he would.