Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Thanks to Darwin Barton

This year we are going to have a low key Christmas. My husband has to work at the hospital on wards on Christmas Day. I hate that he hasn’t gotten any of the major holidays off this year. We usually get to spend time with our families for Christmas. This year, we are living two thousand miles away and I don’t really think that it is fair to my husband to leave him all by himself for the holidays. I would really miss him and I know that he would get lonely. I am going to bake a ham and cook dinner. We are going to go to church and open Christmas gifts when he gets home for work. I love the holidays and will definitely miss my family this year. I guess when you get married and are far from your family of origin you have to make your own holiday traditions. I think that we will spend a lot of time together with our little beagle, curled up on the sofa and watching movies on DIRECTV. I am just hoping that his pager isn’t going off all the time!

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